3 Tips To Choose The Perfect Vanity For Your Bathrooms

3 Tips To Choose The Perfect Vanity For Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are not neglected the way they used to be when it comes to designs. If anything, they are given special attention and designed, to lend a look which will have a soothing effect on you. However, all of this is possible only when you make use of all the right things for your bathrooms.

Let us begin with the vanity; these allow you to set the mood of the place, and help in creating the ambience of your choice. But there are certain things that you must consider before you buy one for the bathroom, and these are listed below.


Size plays a very important role in deciding the look that the vanity imparts to your bathroom. As is the case with everything, that you ever choose to design your home, vanity too should be of the right size; else it can mar the entire look of the place.

Many bathrooms, if not most, should have a small vanity. This is due to the space constraint. A large, or even a double vanity, does not fit into a small space, and even if it does, it will eat away the space and your bathroom ends up looking congested. These are more suited for bathrooms which have an ample amount of space.

While choosing the right size of the vanity, be sure to leave a little space on either side of the unit. This is to allow it to be cleaned comfortably, and also accommodate a trash can if required.

The height of the vanity should depend on the height at which you need the mirror to be installed.


Generally, the style and design of the bathroom matches that of the entire home. Rarely do they have a theme of their own. Whatever is the scenario, you will need to choose a vanity which blends well with the style of your bathroom. If you have a modern, clean edged theme going on then choose a modern vanity.

If the style is contemporary, then there are a number of elegant vanities available for you to choose from. These are generally sleek, metallic and also minimalistic. Generally, these have a chrome or nickel finish, which goes well with a frameless mirror.

A traditional home demands a vanity that is antique, or is made up of granite or marble. A wrong vanity style in the right setting is something that you do not need in your home.


Be creative when choosing a vanity for your bathroom. Check more than a single place for the same. Imagine, get a little artistic and custom create a vanity for yourself. If you are good at experimenting then you can order everything online separately, like s sink, mirror, cabinet etc and assemble them on your own. You will then have a unique unit.

There is not a set rule on how to purchase a vanity, but the above mentioned factors are something that you must remember when choosing one.