4 Pipe and Drape Designs

4 Pipe and Drape Designs

Photo Shoot? Choose The Right Backdrop

When it comes to photography, there are innumerable styles, as well as types, available at your disposal. Hence, it can get very confusing, when trying to figure out the right one for a particular photo shoot. There are a number of colors, patterns, materials and shades to choose from.

There is not enough time to try all the backdrops available, to figure out the right one, hence, it is important to trust your instincts and know the one that will work for that particular situation. Pipe and drape system seems to be the in thing these days, as it provides a clean backdrop to be used for whatever occasion, including photo shoots.

We have put together a list of few basic backdrops that you should know about, to suit a particular shoot.

Different drops, different shoots


When your client wants you to create a traditional portrait style photographs, a canvas background always does the trick. It gives you a flat, as well as consistent look, irrespective of how many times you have made use of it. Canvas can be very durable and the fact that it has a matte finish makes it all the more useful, since, it does not reflect any camera flashes at all.

If the client wants the look repeated, then canvas will ensure that the same effect is recreated again and again. If it is consistency that you are looking for, then canvas is what you need.

Seamless Paper

Seamless paper backdrops do an excellent job if you are looking to create a vivid, modern appearance. This requirement generally arises, when you are working with a professional model. These kinds of backdrops are made use of, for advertising as well as editorial fashion layouts. It creates a smooth and clean look, and unlike canvas, these are very light in weight and so, setting it up is not a problem at all.


If you are trying to create that cozy, homely look, then muslin is the choice of backdrop here. Made using 100% cotton, muslin backdrops have a very dense weave. It helps in adding that old world charm to the photographs, which lends a classic look to it. It is especially great if you are shooting an infant.


Now that the basic types of backdrops are understood, it is also important to understand the color requirements as well. Generally, photographers make use of the three basic colors, white, black and gray.

While gray is subtle and does not take away the focus from the subject, black can be used to create a sense of mystery. White is something that looks great for all photo shoots.

While the above mentioned colors are something that is here to stay, it would be wrong to limit yourself to those alone. Choose the colors on the basis of the kind of photographs that you are trying to create, or on the basis of the message that is being conveyed.

With the right combination of color and backdrop, the photographs are bound to look great.