5 Best Choices for Your Home Flooring

These days concrete have become the new flooring material that is on the top list of designers and homeowners across various countries. Concrete floors are becoming popular among various offices, homes and supermarket stores. As concrete floors offer a range that is unlike any other material; it is often considered as cemented flooring that is usually gray in color and looks monotonous. However, with the advent of new coloring concrete or new textures, saw cuts etc. This modish outlook has reformed the traditional set- up.            Concreting At a Glance – The Best Choice for Your Home Flooring

The major benefactor of concrete floors is that they are easily affordable in comparison to the various other flooring options. As the installation of the decorative concrete floor is considerably cost- effective, if you already concrete slab that is installed as it can be reformed by staining, coating, polishing or overlaying it with layers.

Preferred Choice by Many

Concrete flooring is a preferred by most as it is easy to maintain, and these can be mopped and cleaned with a mop and a simple water cleaner can be used. However, some sort of maintenance is required in accordance to the heavy foot traffic that the floor receives. In fact, restaurants and business outlets might have to go with a floor wax along with sealer to prevent the flooring from abrasion.polished-floor

Also, another important factor that people are drawn to is the color palette that concrete floors offer. As stained concrete is a top choice for interior floors because of earthy stones. Concrete can be naturally colored as it can blend well with other elements as other coloring options for concrete floors are paints and other such applications.

Let us look at certain benefits of concrete flooring:

  • They uplift the architect’s design.

  • They are flexible and are adaptable to change like place carpet or wood onto the concretes slab’s top that can change the look of the concrete floor.

  • They are commendable in regions that have a lot of sand or snow.

  • And if you are prone to an allergy with carpets, concrete floors serve as a good alternate.

Well, a lot depends on the kind of look and type that you want to achieve, that can be dependable upon the type and variety of textures that can be trawled, polished or smooth and in many cases the concrete floor can be stamped. The formation of the interior floor is usually by a making a fine concrete mix and usually this is incorporated with the crushed stone as well as gravel to achieve a rougher surface. There are two types of concrete floors.home-flooring

  • Existing concrete- The concrete slab that is already present at your home can be incorporated with some kind of decor like stain and polishes.

  • Decorative overlay- The installation of concrete overlays over already existing hard surface are usually made to cover- up the damage or present a fresh new appearance.

Polished concrete is rapidly becoming no wax flooring material with recent advancement in polishing techniques and equipment; concrete surfaces are now being grinded irrespective of them being old or new, to a high gloss finish that does not require additional waxes or coatings. Polished concrete floors are now being preferred over granite, marble, tiles or coated concretes. Homeowners are keeping pace with the appeal of these smooth, high luster floors that can be modified and can be a replica of a polished stone.

As polishing is multi- step process, you can choose the level of sheen you like to have in your property. It can be from satin to high gloss- as it has the capacity to keep up with maintenance requirements and making it look aesthetically beautiful. The versatility, it offers makes concrete flooring ideal to be used for a variety of applications.