9 Advantages of Investing in Mullican Flooring Collections


When it comes to making investing in the right kind of flooring, there are plentiful advantages of putting in your money in Mullican flooring collections. Making heads turn the right way, the floor collections 9 Advantages of Investing in Mullican Flooring Collectionsfrom Mullican are known across the globe for their advanced installation techniques and high quality. This article throws light on the many advantages of investing in this best flooring types by Mullican.


Be it designers, architects or home owners, it is likely for all of them to get confused by the wide range flooring solutions on offer. With a multitude of floor options available for grabs, it is indeed a daunting task to choose the right one for residential or commercial spaces. This is where Mullican flooring collections come to the rescue of buyers looking for the best floors in their personal or office areas. Undoubtedly, Mullican floors are best in the industry in terms of an exhaustive catalogue of products and high quality alike. Durable and sturdy, the flooring solutions from Mullican are known for giving an exquisite feel underfoot wherever installed.

What’s more? With a plethora of color variations and natural grain patterns to boast of, they serve to be the first choice for customers looking for hardwood floors that are easy to maintain and keep clean; are long-lasting; and provide good value for money. Given below are some of the main advantages of making investments in Mullican flooring.

Premium Quality Material Used for the Making of Mullican Flooring Collections

Whether you desire to buy hardwood floors online for your contemporary or traditional looking setup, it is a good idea to opt for Mullican wood floors made from premium quality materials only. Having their origin in the Appalachian Mountains, most Mullican collections can be attributed to slow-growing hardwoods that boast of natural colors, consistent grain patterns, and high durability metrics. st-andrews-natural

Adequately certified and adhering to all manufacturing norms and regulations, the materials used for the making of Mullican floors have uniform thickness and ensure the laying out of smartly patterned wood floors at all times. One of the most commendable features of these planks is that they do not provide any shape alterations in future; thereby keeping the Mullican hardwood floors as good as new for long periods.

Stability Guaranteed!

Your floors require large investments; so, you would obviously want them to last for a lifetime. In most cases, Mullican hardwoods are a result of effective kiln-drying processes that guarantee stability and longevity. When you choose to invest in hardwood flooring by Mullican, you may look forward to alleviating all concerns pertaining to any kind of weather-related expansions and contractions in summers and winters. Mullican floorings are manufactured with meticulous quality measures in place and offer adequate moisture content, the best quality milling, and firm compliance metrics to all grading factors.

Eye-catching and Attractive Aesthetics

Homes, offices and all other types of commercial spaces are now looking for better aesthetics in their interior design and décor. This in turn has fueled the demand for attractive hardwood flooring alternatives. Such floors offer many advantages in context to their aesthetics. Considered to be on the list of the most popular (and probably the oldest) flooring materials, Mullican hardwood floors present timeless beauty to complement any décor fitfully. With different natural color assortments and distinctive grain patterns to choose from, each hardwood species depicts its individuality and characteristics in impressive ways.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

It is merely not enough to have the best hardwood floors in place, they have to be cleaned and maintained on a day to day basis as well. If cared for properly, Mullican hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime and goes a long way in increasing the value of the property where installed. Strong and durable to the core, these high-quality hardwood floors need minimal maintenance. They are resistant to most kinds of spills and stains and are apt for areas receiving high traffic or used by pets and children.

Healthy Living Environment

Mullican flooring is helpful in limiting the amount of dust, pollen, dirt, and other harmful particles that tend to collect in spite of the best efforts of their users. As floors by Mullican do not harbor such pollutants, and are hygienic in every conceivable way, they foster healthier living spaces. In case you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, then these floors are best suited for your needs; yes, by removing these contaminants, you can be assured of healthier homes and offices – always.

Factory-finished Floors with Superior Results

Prefinished flooring by Mullican is available in the form of stained and sealed products. To make the surfaces of their floors more durable and stronger, these manufacturers use aluminum oxide coatings on their factory-finished floors. Because of such coating, the hardwood floors by Mullican have a better and finer finish than the floors completed at the job site. So, when you adopt this advantage of laying Mullican floors, you can be assured of getting a top dressed, factory finished flooring solution that can be installed without any fuss.

Better and More Long-lasting Alternative to Carpets

Gone are the days when property owners visited one store after the other to find the best carpets for enriching the aesthetics of their space. No longer! Because of the enhanced appeal and beauty imparted by solid hardwood floors by Mullican, most buyers are finding it easier to add to the aesthetic value and décor of their homes and offices without trying too hard. With various styles of engineered and solid hardwood floors up for grabs, especially those made of imported exotic wood species or domestic hardwood, carpets have certainly taken a backseat.

Vast Collection to Choose From

Just as all buyers do not have the same flooring needs, all the variants of Mullican flooring collections are also distinctive in their own way. The wide range of available patterns textures and colors, make such flooring options exciting for all perspective buyers. Some of the most sought after collections of floors by Mullican include Hill Shire, Lincoln Shire, Castillian Solid, Muirfield, Chatelaine, St. Andrews, Knob Creek, Oak Pointe, Ponte Vedra, Exotic, Quail Hollow, Ridge Crest, Meadow Brooke, Williamsburg, San Marco, Mount Castle, Castillian Engineered, and Chalmette. These and other flooring collections vary in ends, edges, structure, and angles, thereby giving away ample designs to select from.

Giving back to the Environment

The eco-friendly floors by Mullican take a lot of care to ensure that they give back to the environment more than they ever take away. The “green building” products by Mullican adhere to all laid down requirements and rules of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The company flaunts the FSC 100% logo and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)’s certifications, thereby assuring stakeholders that all supply chain elements – right from the procurement of raw materials to distribution modules – are FSC certified. Mullican uses hardwoods that are possessed legally and after keeping all the environmental norms in view. As a buy of Mullican floors, and a “go green” proponent yourself, you can be assured of using the best quality hardwood floors in your space too.

Few Precautions for Installers

Hardwood floors, in general, are known to expand with moisture; therefore, it is essential to control the humidity levels in the areas where they are installed. Even Mullican floors expand and contract naturally after facing weather extremities; but to a lesser degree than regular hardwood floors. More so, as they are fairly water resistant, the issues caused by excessive moisture such as buckling, cupping, or cracking, are not commonplace in such floors. Installers of Mullican floors suggest thorough checking of the prevalent moisture levels in the subflooring and flooring before going ahead. Also, it is advisable to keep all the manufacturer recommendations in mind to attain the best results.

The Last Word

There are numerous benefits of installing Mullican floors. As these floors are in the category of natural product manufactured from wood timber, they exhibit very attractive color variations. Do know that the exotic wood species tend to showcase more color variations than the domestic species. Additionally, as the latest manufacturing techniques and processes are used in Mullican floors, they are generally devoid of pinholes, knots or mineral streaks found in lower grade products. So, instead of waiting any longer, assess your immediate and future flooring requirements at the earliest and get set to put your money in the best place. By installing good quality floors you can enjoy smarter aesthetics and the best underfoot feelings forever.
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