If you are thinking of giving your house for renting purposes it is necessary to make some modern and contemporary changes so that it increases the aesthetic as well as the real estate value of your property. It is that simple. You can start renovating your property with refurbishing your bathrooms with perfectly designed tiles. Perfect tile options adds heavy aesthetic value to your bathrooms as well as to the overall beautification of the house.

Bathroom tiles come in various designs and types and there is a perfect tile to match each unique bathroom interior. The different materials used for tiles are vinyl, ceramic, rubber flooring, linoleum etc. These materials are usually water proof, suitable for walking on and requires low maintenance.

If you are aiming at superior sophistication then stone finish tile options or terra cotta can be a good way to go. Any water proof and non slippery material can be chosen for the bathroom renovation. Everyone wishes to impress their tenants to maximum level to yield a handsome rent from them. Anyone can feel spoilt with choices when it comes to choosing that perfect tile for bathroom refurbishing. So before choosing tile options it is feasible to understand the different options and their whereabouts.



    It is the most traditional and classic option in tiles. They usually come in a wide price range depending on the size, quality and design. These are the first preference of many house owners.


    These are natural made tile options and are of renewable type. These tiles are usually made from cork, jute, limestone, wood flour etc. These are low maintenance, easy to clean cost effective yet contemporary and good looking options.

  • LAMINATED VINYL TILE: These are offered in a wide range of hue, pattern and design options. These are water resilient too.

    These are hard wearing and very good looking renovation options. They do not require much maintenance and are best suitable for wet places. They are offered in unlimited colors and designs and the finish options include rough, sandpaper, slick and shiny surfaces.

  • HARDWOOD TILE: Solid wood tile options are good for bathroom renovations. Such tiles are mainly engineered woods where multiple layers of solid wood are adhered together using high end technology to create a laminated plywood like finish. Wooden floors are sophisticated and easy to refinish and provide comfort in cold climates too. But wooden tiles can be affected by moisture at times.
  • STONE FINISH TILE: These are made out of stones of various types including limestone, onyx, marble, slate, granite etc. They are extremely strong and beautiful. Though these are hard wearing and durable but are difficult to clean and become slippery easily.

Whichever may be the tile of your choice make sure the new tiles are at par with your bathroom interior. For example if you are going for wood tile options make sure your other bathroom components match up with the wooden floors and walls. These will help you to gain maximum profit from your tenants by increasing the real estate value of your property for sure. The perfect tile will create a bathroom that will go the mile.