Blinds for French Doors: A way to secure and beautify your home

Blinds for French Doors: A way to secure and beautify your home

French doors lend a lot of beauty to your house because of its lay out of glass sheet and letting a lot of natural light and heat inside your area. Not only this, one can have a complete view of outside and know what is happening around. They look modern, elite and niche in quality. However there is a drawback of losing privacy and letting in a lot of heat inside in high summers resulting in insecurity and high energy bills too. The French doors must be covered for this reason either using blinds or shades.

Blinds are usually small pieces of slats normally of size 1” or 2”made of hard material and arranged horizontal or vertical via cord that runs through them. They are made to rotate via a cord which enables slats to open or close down. There is a huge variety of such blinds available in the market suiting every type of your need –from a readymade one to customized design so one must make a careful decision. Let us discuss here a few types of blinds for French Doors available basis on material they are made of:

Wood Blinds– They are made up of light weight wood like oak, pine, American Basswood and come in classy designs and shades and from modern to conventional styles. They are easy to operate and maintain too and can be polished to get a finishing look. They are best for absorbing light and maintaining the inner temperature of the rooms. They lend elegance to your entire set up but can be a bit expensive too.

Faux Wood or Polywood blinds– A cost effective alternate to wood blinds, these faux wood blinds are made of vinyl and cost 25 to 30 % less and are easy to install and maintain too. They give a wood like appearance and are flexible enough to be bent a little for cleaning. They can be even used outside because of its tough resistance to cracking and standing harsh weather conditions. No doubt, they are fast emerging as a popular choice for blinds.

Mini Blinds– These blinds made of aluminum are by far the most durable material in blinds and used mostly for kitchens and bathroom as these are water resistant. One can chose from host of color and finishing options and can accommodate in tight budgets too.

Vertical Blinds-The blinds are fitted in vertical position and can be operated from side to side and middle unlike horizontal blinds. The carry less dust and thus easy to clean, maintain and even operate. They are generally made of PVC, faux wood and fabric and ideal for home with kids and pets because of its stability.

Finally each of the these blinds can have versions to choose from like a cordless, continuous cord or motorized , light filtering or complete blackout, top down/bottom up, edge blinding, cloth lining and even varying sizes. Whether you want to save on high energy bills or restrict amount of light or ensuring kids safety, you have ample of variety to choose the best blinds for French doors.