Buy Customized Shades for French doors

Buy Customized Shades for French doors

Buy Customized Shades for French doors

French doors are uniquely and beautifully designed enhancing overall look of your interiors, however due to the glass treatment in its windows; there is a high need for blinds or shades to cover them. Some people prefer to buy inbuilt shades within door for a flawless look however due to trouble in its repair and maintenance, faulty making and parts not available easily, people are now moving towards buying customized shades for doors that can be mounted on them from outside or inside both.

Depending on your personal need of light, insulation, privacy, beauty, darkness, ease of operation and kids’ safety point of view; find the best mounting for your doors. Also they are adjusted in such a way that they do not come in between functioning of your door handle and there is enough space to hold it conveniently. They can be fixed using a hold down option so the blind won’t move and bang against the glass while operating the door. So here are various types of shades for French doors to pick from:

Cellular/Honeycomb Shades– These shades are the most famous and in use these days owing to its light weight and slim fit look. It comes in variety of colors in one piece of pleated fabric that can be rolled in multiple layers that help to trap air to provide you best insulation and can minimize your energy bills. One can chose from a light filtering or a complete blackout light control option.

Roman Shades– If giving an exotic look to your room is your desire then chose the Roman shades made from a variety of cloth from raw cotton to silk and even wood or bamboo. They look very classy with enough light controlling feature in them and fold patterns to chose from.

Roller Shades-Made of vinyl or fabric, these shades too are highly demand because of its reasonable price, appealing looks and variety of deigns. They look trendy and classy and come in various light control options. Ideally used for bathroom and kitchen as they can be easily rolled down or up giving full privacy and are maintenance free.

Solar Shades-Ideally made for office and media rooms; they block the sunlight from entering inside your room and preventing glares on your computer screen. They are made of a special material that can still hold outside view for you. As they block UV rays from entering, it preserves energy bill and prevent harm caused to your interiors.

Bamboo/Woven shades– They are made of wood, bamboo or matchstick and give a classy interior look and are very famous among environment friendly people. It suits and matches with any type of interior. The material can be woven in a way to allow light as per your needs.

Sheer Shades– They are a unique combination of fabric shades and horizontal blinds. The horizontal slats are covered with a layer of fabric such that when blinds are tilted, the cloth remains on top of it. The combination help in preventing harmful sun rays from entering your room and also you can still control light and see outside view when blinds are tilted.

Pleated Shades- It is the same as cellular shade , difference is that it is only a single layer of pleated fabric and is less expensive and come in a variety of colors to choose from.

Curtains– A very common covering available in variety of fabrics, patterns and colors. Easy to install and can complement any design and style of your home.

Each of the shades above can be upgraded to many options like cordless, motorized, continuous cord and many more add-ons. So choose a shade that best suits your pocket and home décor.