How To Coordinate Your Decor with Curtains & Chair Pads

How To Coordinate Your Decor with Curtains & Chair Pads

Chair pads are essentials if you want a nice soft seat when you’re having breakfast or lunch in your eat-in kitchen. But how do you coordinate them with the curtains, rugs, or other textiles in the room?
I encountered this problem a few weeks ago, when I realized that my beautiful chairs were just too hard. Since my kitchen curtains are a few years old, I decided to rework the entire look. Here’s what I discovered about how to coordinate your decor with curtains and chair pads.
Choose the Role of Your Curtains

Once upon a time, people may have thought it cute if your chair pads and curtains matched precisely in color and pattern. That’s simply not true anymore. Today, kitchen decor is all about complementary colors and edgy looks. So before you begin coordinating your decor, you have to make some decisions about the role of your curtains. What part do they play in the atmosphere of your kitchen?

Getting Attention
Do you want your curtains to be the most eye-catching part of the room? If so, choose a vibrant hue and distinctive pattern for them. Let the chair pads take on the solid, neutral hues.

Softening the Space

If you prefer that your curtains blend into the background, pick a color that is similar to that of your walls and your trim. Then, the chair pads get to be the show-stopping statement pieces, with any vivid color or fierce pattern you love.

Go Bold with Color

Don’t be afraid of color! Some of today’s top designers, like Patrick Mele, celebrate color in every room they decorate. Pick a couple of rich, complementary hues for your kitchen. Then, add a neutral like gray, white, brown, or beige.

Sample Color Palettes

One of this year’s hot decor hues is vivid blue. To follow this trend, choose chair pads with a striking blue and white pattern, and then opt for curtains in tangerine, yellow, or coral. Check out a few other examples of coordinating color palettes.

 Saffron yellow, soft gray, and deep charcoal
 Navy, fuschia, and white
 Vibrant red, white, and black
 Purple, rose, and deep teal
 Yellow, aqua, and coral

The Biggest Pattern

Having trouble deciding on your colors? According to the HGTV design team, you could base your color scheme on the largest pattern in the space. That could be your curtains, or it could be a rug or a piece of artwork. Drawing colors from a favorite statement piece is a good plan, even if it’s not the largest textile in the room.

Create a Restful Space with Neutrals

If including multiple bold colors doesn’t suit your design aesthetic, try a more subtle approach.

Refreshing Neutrals

A range of coordinating neutrals can feel very refreshing and peaceful. What about a pattern of taupe and white for the chair pads? Complete the understated look with patterned Allen Roth curtains in sage, gray, or soft blue.

Prints and Textures

If you’re nervous about having a print on both the chair pads and the curtains, keep one of the prints small and delicate. According to decor experts, a small print such thin stripes or dots will look like texture from a distance.
The tiny print will add interest to the room, but it won’t clash with your chair pads. Just be sure that the predominant color of the curtains complements the chair upholstery.

Remember, when it comes to home decor, it’s okay to bend a few rules. As long as it pleases your eye and creates the atmosphere you want, do it! In the end, I decided on subtle blue and white Allen Roth curtains, with a orange and white fabric for the chair pads. It’s a happy combination that I fall in love with again every time I walk into the kitchen!

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