How To Hang Curtains Like A Professional

It can be exciting to get curtains and drapes for your home, and you just cannot wait to freshen up the décor. However, before you go ahead, you need to know the right way as to how to hang curtains. There is some precise planning to do and use the right tools to place the new curtains and spruce up your living space. After all that tiresome task of measuring up the doors and windows, sifting through hundreds of prints and fabrics and getting the right style, the moment is finally here when you can actually hang those curtains. Go ahead and hang those curtains like a professional.

How to hang curtains

Here are some essential tips and points to guide you through the whole process of hanging the curtains.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you start unpacking and taking those curtains out. The chances are that you might be making last minute adjustment to that pole or rod, and your hands have dust on them. You would not want to handle the fresh new curtains with dirty hands.

Unpack the curtains carefully and see for any signs of lines and creases because of the packaging. Some customers let those creases drop out over time while others give them a gentle press.

In case you think you need to give those curtains a press, it is very essential to read the instructions the label. This is because some of some fabrics carry special finishes and will respond differently to a heated iron. In case you are not confident, get them ironed form a professional service.

Before you hang the curtains, check them carefully. Lay them out on a clean flat surface, sort them out according to the sizes of the windows and doors.

Check the pattern and color of the curtains and the stitching as well as the size. You would not want to waste your time and effort on hanging the wrong sized curtains on the doors and windows.

Once you are sure that everything is perfect, pull up your curtains evenly and makes sure that one end of the strings is stitched down. Grasp the strings at the opposite end and slide the curtain evenly and to the desired width. Remaining string should be tied into a slip knot.

If you are using hooks to hang the curtains, make sure that there are enough, and there should be a minimum of one out of every five slots. The right amount of hooks will hold the curtain in place and make them drape and fall the right way.

Just follow the above useful tips on how to hang curtains. In case you feel that the curtains are not pulled up evenly, there is no need to get worried or anxious. One can adjust the gathers and slide the curtain to and fro along the string to make for an even spread across the width of the curtain. Adjust the height of the curtains like a professional fitter and move back. Watch your handwork from a distance and enjoy the look and feel of the fresh new curtains.