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How To Hang Drapes Correctly In An Impressive Way

The look of a room depends not just on the flooring, walls and the furniture, but how you hang those curtains and drapes. Apart from controlling the amount of light in the room and creating privacy, they complement your décor. When it comes to dealing with your doors and windows, you should know what to do and how. Do not take tour curtains casually, just because they are in every room and we see them every day. It is seen that most homeowners aren’t experts when it comes to curtains and drapes. It is just painful to look at too short or hardly hung curtains.

Learn how to hang drapes correctly and with some easy to follow steps.

Tips on how to hang drapes

When you think about hanging curtains, you might think that this is an easy one. However, things can get challenging in actual practice.

Choose the right Curtain rod

Before you hang those drapes, it is essential toy get the right kind and size of rods. There are different options accessible in the market. Pinch pleat drapes work best with traverse rods that carry a series of the small plastic carrier on the back side. A high-tech option to follow are the Motorized traverse rods that allow you open and close your drapes with a remote. With a stationary rod, you need to open and close the drapes manually. A spring tension rod adjusts the drape within the window frame. A cafe rod is plain in appearance and small in diameter, and is used in kitchens or bathrooms.

Height of the Curtain Rod

Before you purchase and design your curtains, decide their length and keep them half an inch from the floor. Place the curtain rod inches above the window trim. However, the height can be adjusted depending on the different hanging styles. You can hang the curtains with rings or eyelets. Eyelets remain hidden behind the tape on the back side of the curtains while rings are visible. You can add layers on your drapes, and this would need additional rods for each layer.

Curtain Placement

When focusing on how to hang drapes, you need to concentrate on the placement and it can be outside or inside the window. You may want to block the windows completely or want to opt for a decorative style. You need to place the curtain rod carefully to the left or right of the window trim so as to hang the drapes easily and look full. Functional curtains house the folds of the curtain fabric.

Follow the above information on how to hang drapes and make your room look elegant and graceful. Available wall space and how you hang the drapes hold the key to create the right effect. A very lovely room with poorly hung curtains can mar the whole look while an average room with beautifully done drapes can make the room stand out, hiding its flaws. Learn how to hang drapes correctly and feel confident about your interiors.