Is built-in patio door blinds a good choice

Is built-in patio door blinds a good choice

A built-in patio door blinds has a charm of its own. There are other patio door treatments, but a built-in feature is special because it brings a rare Venetian style treatment to your homes.

What exactly is a built-in patio door blind?

If you will notice the door, this patio door has two panes. You will have to go closer to notice. It’s arranged sophisticatedly. And you may miss the glass boundaries.

A closer look will tell you that it sits vertically. When you open the door, it opens up horizontally. It gives your homes an option to double your doors as windows at the same time. Apart from being an attractive design, this patio doors has a lot of benefits.

Benefits attached to build-in patio door blinds


The one feature that comes to your mind is the privacy the built-in patio door offers. It’s a lot better than a sliding door treatment in this regard. The chances of any damage to these doors are quite less. In sliding doors, there is less element of sophistication and requires more effort.

The built-in feature also has elegance, which is simply unmatched. You can view outdoors, without opening the door. If the glasses are little darker, those who stand outside your house may not watch what is happening inside.

Eliminates the need to clean

There is one other feature, which gets into prominence, and that is cleaning. You just don’t have to worry cleaning the blinds, as it lies in a nutshell. Just wipe the glass with a towel, and it will be fine. Moreover, the space between the panes is an additional protection to the door.


It’s pretty understandable that it is safe. Imagine the blinds between the glass panes, there is no way anyone can damage these blinds, unless, someone breaks the glass. It’s safe even if you have children or pets roaming inside your house.

Drawbacks of built-in patio door blinds

The one drawback that immediately comes to mind is because of the blinds that lie between the glass panes. The closed air may provide insulation but it may not be very good. Some doors also have gas between the panes, to provide a certain degree of insulation. If it’s so, then it is quite harmful.

The built in feature has problems with frames that protect blinds. The problem with these frames is they are not exactly airtight. This explains that air can pass through. Now if these glass panes are facing sun, then the sunlight rays can heat the glass causing damage to the doors.

There is an option to cure this problem. You can buy those doors that have holes in the frame allowing air to pass through, but if you do so, then the doors will not be energy efficient.

You also need to be careful, not allowing any leaks or cracks to set through, otherwise dust can creep inside and may damage blinds. It can really make it look dirty.