Valuable Tips on How to Measure Curtains

Valuable Tips on How to Measure Curtains

Perhaps you are thinking of replacing the old curtains or thinking of buying some new curtains for the new room. The whole experience of choosing the curtains and picking up the right fabric can be really exciting. After all, there are endless choices available in the market and online stores with a wide array of colorful prints and traditional or contemporary designs. The options are seemingly endless. However, while making the right choices is important to crate that perfect look, it is even more important to take the right measurement of the curations. Read on to learn more about on how to measure curtains.

Steps to measure the curtain

Before you start browsing the Internet where you will come across a huge array different designs, make sure you have the right measurement. After all, those measurements will help you decide on the length of the fabric you need.

  • In order to measure the curtains, you need the exact width and length of the windows. Plus, you also need to decide on the drop of the fabric.
  • Always use a steel tape to measure the windows and avoid plastic tapes as they tend to stretch over time. The aim should be to get the accurate measurements.
  • In order to calculate the width of the curtains, just measure the curtain pole or track excluding those decorative end pieces or the finials.
  • Once you have the width, just add 15cm either side to adjust the overhang of the pole.
  • In case there is an overlapping center on the curtain track, then one needs to add the length of the overlapping track to the total length of the track.
  • As for the length, one should calculate the drop. First decide the height at which the curtains need to hang.
  • Generally speaking, the recommended heights are about 1cm off the floor, 2cm above the radiator, 15-20cm below the bottom window sill and 1cm above the top of the window sill.
  • Once you are sure of the hanging height of the curtain, you can determine the drop of the curtains and measure the drop from the top of the pole.
  • When measuring the drop, it is best to make use of a spirit level so as to take perfect vertical measurements.

When shopping for new curtains, it is very essential that you be armed with the right measurements so that you can place the order for the correct size. Take the measurements at least three times so as to compensate for an uneven fittings. Go for the shortest of the 3 measurements so as to make sure that the curtain does not trail on the window sill or floor. Getting incorrect measurements would mean either buy lesser fabric or extra fabric.

Just follow the above guide on how to measure curtains and order the fabric with complete confidence. Provide the final sizes to the curtain maker and be sure to get perfect results. The correct amount of fabric will allow for the right size and drop of those curtains and help you achieve the desired look.