Wallpaper for Teenage Girls Bedroom

Wallpaper for Teenage Girls Bedroom

Being a female, all of us know the struggle of wanting something, getting something else and settling for something extremely different. This is the case while going to shop for almost anything such as, bags, make up, shoes and even clothes! The female wants are so unexpected that they can change any minute and thus will keep the other one thinking that what does she really want? Does she need a maroon clutch or an electric blue cross bag? Does she like a nude lip color or a dark red wine one? How would she want her honeymoon to be like, to a historical place or somewhere full of beaches? Apart from all these questions, comes up a much more important question that girls never tend to compromise on which is their bedroom interior and its decoration.

It’s true that everyone has a different taste and liking and the typical stereotype that women are attached to pink color at all times is just not correct. When a baby girl is born to when she reaches her teens parents tend to keep the color of her room pink, however many females won’t approve of it. Not every girl likes shades of pink, orange and blue as they prefer other tones more such as ash grey, teal, dark purple etcetera. Similarly, while one is deciding about the interior of their bedrooms, they even focus on which wall paper will look best. Below, are some great wall paper ideas that are exclusively reserved for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Bright Floral Wallpaper

For girls who prefer a more vintage look and appreciate pastel and bright colors, this is the perfect wall paper for them. Apart from just wall paper designs, floral prints are very much in trend these days such as, floral pants and even floral shirts. Since Spring just passed by and we’ve happily entered into the season of fall this print out classed all the others as it went just according to the feel of the season too and girls feel good wearing it as well. Moreover, as tattoos for girls are quite in fashion now a days so similar designs have dominated almost everything from t shirt prints to wall papers for bed rooms. Floral wall papers can be in the form of,

Scattered flowers all across and you can even match them with your cushions.
Concentrated floral patterns.
Big bunches of flowers nicely designed all over the wall.

Murky Patterned Wallpaper

For all the girls who want to add a retro styled look to their room and are up for a combination of black and white for their wall paper, this is the perfect choice for you. A murky patterned wall paper will add a retro touch your bed room because of the pattern and design of the wall paper stick in your room along with a black and white print which will give a classy look to it as a whole. Moreover, it’s advised to use a white color in order to let go off the clumsy finishing of it. However, patterned wallpapers are always good and highly preferable because they bring along with them immensely great variety too. The color combinations which you can use are,

Black and white, definitely!
Purple and white.
Black and beige.
White and Pink.

Favorite Destination Wallpaper

Girls, what’s your favorite destination, a place where you’d love to travel the most? Is it the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Times Square at New York or the beautiful beaches of Maldives? Whatever it is, just think of your favorite destination and have it as your wall paper. Won’t it feel amazing to wake up to the sight of your favorite place and maybe you get motivated by its sight so much that you start saving up and travel there someday. This is a really chic idea and you can complement it even more by similar cushion cover and bed sheet colors. Furthermore, this will give a nice and fresh feel to the room but be sure to use fresh and happening colors such as,

Pink and white.
Pistachio green.
White and rust.

A particular Color featured bed room

What’s your pick in relevance to one color for your bed room? If it is not pink then chalky white, light rust or the lowest shade of rosy red will do. However, whatever you choose the wall would certainly seem empty and boring painted with just a single color. So in order to make it more attractive and appealing use a similar colored wall paper this will enhance the overall look of the room and will make it appear much more classy and happening. Furthermore, tattoos for girls are quite common these days so why not get a patterned wall paper which resembles that of a tattoo. Consequently, this will give a much more unique look to the bed room by making it appear elegant as well as and pretty chic.

Graphic Wallpaper Designs

Are you an artistic girl? Do you find yourself to be very much interested in graphic designing and abstract art? If that’s a yes then this is the wall paper which will certainly suit your personality pretty well. Moreover, you can even customize your own graphic wallpaper designs just as how you’d like them to be. You can choose everything from the patterns, to the design and till the color of the wall paper. However, I’d advise you to choose a nominal designed wallpaper like rectangle shapes because after all it’s not an artist’s studio we’re talking about but your bed room. Make sure to go with dim colors and not too funky shapes and designs because as they say the simple a thing is the prettier it is to the one who sees it. Furthermore, tattoos for girls are highly trending so you can even take ideas from them too, just browse the internet for some designs and voila you’ll get the perfect idea for your wall paper.

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