When One Needs Extra-Long Curtain Rods

When One Needs Extra-Long Curtain Rods

In this article, you will get comprehensive information regarding extra-long curtain rods and when they are needed. There are several occasions when a window application may require a longer length and those rods need to be ordered specially. There are many houses that have a large number of windows or windows that are bigger so as to let in more light and air. The idea is to brighten up the room. However, bigger windows mean careful planning and the right way to dress them up. One should place the right style and length of rods and use the right fabric that helps them control the amount of light inside the room.

Windows come in different shapes and sizes. With the longer and bigger windows, one needs to be extra careful with their installation, choice of fabric and the fittings of the curtain rods. The right draperies and perfect installation can help in hiding any flaws. Extra-long curtains always add a formal look to any room.

When deciding on extra-long curtain rods

Those rooms with bigger windows with longer curtain rods need to be bolted properly. The framework for the windows should be well designed so that it is installed properly, and the rod should be secured well in place so that it can hold the fabric. Before deciding on the curtains for such windows, one has tons to think about. They have to be sure of the size as well as the color and fabric. The rods need to be strong enough to hold the heavy fabrics. Generally speaking, the longer the window treatment, the more classy and formal they look. It is seen that the shorter or reduced length always creates a lot to think about. Make use of casual, curtain lengths or go for Ritzy designs to add to the particular aura of any room.

Before you go ahead and get those extra long curtain rods, get the right measurements for the rods as well as the curtains. This is to do away with any expensive mistakes or having to make any adjustments later on. Those longer can be directly installed into the wall or with the help of a casing. However, before you drill any holes in your walls, make sure you know what you are doing. Estimate the positions and mark it properly, and align the rods well for perfect fittings. Even a slight misalignment can lead to crooked placements and imperfections.

Once the extra long curtain rods have been placed and fitted in properly, it is time to hang the curtains properly. Sometimes, one uses extension rods to cover those big windows, and those special rods work as a bridge between two rods. Just make sure that you secure them tightly so that the rods will not come off or fall. One may need concrete fasteners for installing the rods in cement and use concrete screws to insert them properly. The curtain rods should be at least two to three inches apart, and one needs to keep this aspect in mind when having the curtains made.