Why Radiant Heating Systems are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Our conventional heating systems like radiators are convective. They work by circulating heated air in a closed environment. All our modern heating systems work on this principle. But there is a new technology that is being increasingly embraced – radiant heating system. It works in a different way.

Floor/Wall Heating System

These systems heat your home by heating the floor or wall. The floor-based systems are also known as underfloor heating systems.

These systems can be used to heat either a specific room or entire home. For example, you could focus the heating only for the bathroom.

But outdoor application is not uncommon. Because of the unique nature of this heating system, it is also possible to heat your patio.

Advantages of Radiant Heating Systems

If you install underfloor heating systems in your home insulation, you will find that they are much more reliable and long-lasting, even more than your traditional furnace. When given proper care, it could last for more than three decades.


This type of heating system can also help by saving money. Because it warms the interiors by heating from the floor up, you will be feeling comfortable even when the thermostat is set at a low temperature.

They help in lowering your energy bills as compared to other heating sources like air or steam. A unique type of radiant heating system, known as hydronic system, can have 30% higher efficiency.


Besides, it is also silent, as there is no need for a blower. It is also good for your family if anyone suffers from allergies. The modern central air heating system works by pushing around all the dirt, dust and pollen through the vents.


Radiant heating systems are also available in mat-forms where they can be installed below the floor. This type is ideally suited for those who want heated flooring only in specific rooms.

These heating systems also don’t need duct work. If you already don’t have central system, there is no need to spend tons on installing new ducts. This also means more savings as the overall maintenance costs and requirements are reduced further.

Remember, the duct work needs to be cleaned at least once in a couple of years and it can cost up to $500. Maintenance and repair can cost more.

But if you have a central AC system, you will no longer have to use it. This means the duct will not be used and thus they will not require as much maintenance.

Improved Air Quality

The conventional forced-air systems work by regularly circulating air through the ducts. This causes distribution of dust, dirt, pet’s dander, spores, and many other types of allergens. But when you install radiant heating systems, they don’t affect the indoor air quality. This is beneficial for everyone who may be suffering from various types of allergies or asthma, or other conditions that could be worsened.

Uniform Heating

These unique heating systems offer another advantage. They ensure uniform heating. Conventional systems will use a specific point for delivering heat into an area. Most of the heat is close to this point.

But this system fails to ensure uniform heating. The heated air rises and starts falling only when it has cooled down slightly. This is why the air close to the floor is significantly cold, and this results in the hot-head, cold-feet condition. But with radiant heating systems, there is uniform vertical heating.

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